Meet FANTM alpha

The FANTM alpha is a next-generation wearable neuromuscular gesture sensing platform. It comes with a high-resolution surface electromyography (EMG) sensor and 9-axis inertial measurement unit on board, and a powerful software development kit to get you up and running faster than any other option on the market. It has never been easier to incorporate gesture controls into your next project.

No wires or soldering

Not an electrical engineer? No problem. The alpha is a complete package. Just put it on and start reading the sensors in your favorite language with the FANTM SDK.

Say goodbye to sticky electrodes

Unlike other muscle sensor platforms, the alpha has integrated dry electrodes. No more worries about the waste of using disposable gel electrodes.

Intelligence included

Translating data from the alpha muscle sensor and IMU is a breeze with the FANTM SDK. Built-in machine learning makes interpreting gestures a snap.


Ezra Boley

University of Wisconsin - Madison Computer Engineering and Computer Science B.S as of December 2020. Ezra has a strong background working on embedded software for a variety of applications. He also boasts full stack development from his time at Amazon.

Finn Kuusisto

University of Wisconsin - Madison Computer Science PhD. Finn has years of experience researching biomedical applications of machine learning. He also has substantial experience as a software engineer and general tinkerer.

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