The FANTM DEVLPR Arduino shield puts the power of electromyography, or EMG, in your toolbox. It makes it easy to connect your muscles to your Arduino giving you the ability to easily experiment with the future of human-computer interaction.

Ezra Boley

B.S. Computer Engineering & Computer Science

Ezra has a strong background as an Embedded Software Engineer on real-time operating systems and autonomous vehicle projects at UW - Madison. He also boasts full stack development from his time at Amazon. 

Finn Kuusisto

Ph.D Computer Science


Finn has years of experience researching biomedical applications of machine learning with Jamie Thomson and Ron Stewart at the Morgridge Institute for Research. He is an expert in Regenerative Biology and Bioinformatics, and has substantial experience as a Software Engineer and general tinkerer.


Play Games

Build and play games that you control with the flex of a bicep or the squeeze of a fist.

Control Robots

FANTM libraries enable hand movement mappings to popular Arduino powered robots.


Interact Fluidly

Swipe through presentations and make interacting with the digital world as intuitive as the physical. 



The hArdware

github link to DEVLPR
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